Endorsements from Former Coworkers

Interested recruiters may e-mail me for information regarding the identity of the authors as necessary.

  1. "Robert is self-motivated, very reliable and possesses deep expertise in software development. He invented and developed Bug Ranger, a web-interfaced query tool to IBM Configuration Management Version Control. Bug Ranger was a radical game-changer that significantly contributed to the IBM Software Group Development/Test process. The time between invention and a working prototype was less than 2 days. Bug Ranger remains an essential tool that is used by the Development, Test and Information Development teams in IBM Software Group. Robert also developed a robust framework for software test automation that greatly improved throughput for the Functional Verification Test team. The automation framework continues to benefit the FVT team. I highly recommend Robert and would gladly work with him again."

    Software System Verification Engineer, IBM
  2. "I worked with Robert on various projects. Robert is a very talented developer who designs applications with an eye to the future. Robert's ability to pick up new technologies is outstanding.

    In over 10 years of web development Robert falls into a very small group of developers that I would choose to work with. Robert is top notch."

    User Interface Developer, Railinc
  3. "Rob is technically well-versed, and absorbs new technologies lightning fast. His methodical and thorough approach to technical analysis, design, and implementation on several central, critical projects at my company paved the way for the success that those projects enjoyed. Whether he was a one-man show, or part of a multi-developer team, Rob delivered high quality applications, with much thought toward usability and maintainability. He has many strong suits, but in particular, his forward thinking, and consideration of potential "what ifs" and how he integrates solutions to the "what ifs" in his design and implementation sets him apart from many developers that I have worked with over the years. Rob would be a tremendous asset to any project/effort."

    Software Developer, Railinc
  4. "Robert is a very senior developer. He always took the initiative to learn the latest technologies and how they could help the current projects he was working on. He was very knowledgeable on all the projects he was assigned to, and could not only write the code, but also provide detailed documentation for teams that would be taking over. At Railinc individuals are expected to do more than just the job they were hired for, and Robert was no exception, not only was his exceptional development talent consistently tapped into, but he also provided administrator support on Get Access for Railinc, and trained the team that took those duties over. Robert worked well with the many teams he had to interface with, as well as with all levels of management. He would be a tremendous asset to any development team!"

    Middleware and Application Services Manager, Railinc
  5. "I provided Systems and infrastructure support for the GetAccess/Single Sign On system that Robert worked with at Railinc. We would work closely together on implementation and upgrades of the GetAccess software and/or Operating Systems under which it ran. We also worked together to plan integration of SSO with LDAP when Railinc moved to LDAP for its user account database. At all times when we worked together, I found Robert to be knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated to getting the job done right. I found him easy-going and very pleasant to work with. His easy smile and good sense of humor created an very pleasant atmosphere for cooperation. I know that he provided a good deal of customization to adapt the SSO software to Railinc's needs and that the system he put into place has remained stable since he left Railinc to pursue other career opportunities. I can highly recommend Robert as a sofware developer."

    Sr. Unix Systems Admin, Railinc
  6. "I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Kainz on several projects in his role as a Software Developer at Railinc. During those years I interacted frequently with Rob and relied heavily upon his web development knowledge. Rob always came up with insightful questions to ask to better understand business rules that were not always so straight forward. I found him to be very resourceful, organized, accurate and reliable. He was always willing to give a helping hand and professional advice to other team mates. Very goal oriented as well as a team player. He never let me down on any projects. I am fully confident Rob will continue to make amazing strides in his career and would be an asset to any organization."

    Senior Product Manager, Railinc
  7. "Robert was a great team-mate. He had developed an application that my team used as an infrastructure for the software test automation development. It was a great piece of work taking into consideration all the requirements of the functional test team. He had materialized that application from start to finish. He was always ready to help and was very flexible. His turnaround time was excellent when we had a new or changed requirement for the application. He is easy to work with, is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and someone you can always bank on. He is pretty good at doing things individually as well as with a team. He is certainly a great asset for any development team."

    Automation Software Developer, IBM
  8. "Rob is a top-notch developer with an uncanny ability to quickly absorb and apply new technologies. Rob took on a widely-diverse set of projects at Railinc, each requiring deep knowledge of new and foreign toolsets. On each project, Rob swiftly became the resident guru on those tools and used his newfound mastery to drive the project to a successful production release."

    Application Architect, Railinc
  9. "In my years of IT, I have had the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of working with many application developers. With Rob, it was a systems administrator's dream. He was always open to ensuring that his applications were top notch AND supportable. We worked closely together during the implementation of a single sign on solution which was both complex and vital to Railinc. Rob's knowledge and talent allowed that implementation to be flawless. I would highly recommend him as all of my interactions with Rob have been extremely positive. He is a great team player with a positive attitude!"

    Senior Unix/Websphere Admin, Railinc