Letters of Recommendation

To whom it may concern.

We brought Rob on 7 months ago to help us test the latest version of WebSphere. We quickly recognized that he had wide experience and skills beyond those needed to just test the product so we assigned him the task of writing a Java based supply agent for one of our main test applications. In doing so he quickly became a significant contributor to our test efforts, and honed his Java coding and Unix platform skills. In addition, he became quite familiar with the intricacies of DB/2 and Oracle and beyond that he became quite knowledgeable wrt to the MQ series product. Rob showed great people skills beyond his technical talent in working with our product design architects in debugging and resolving defects he uncovered. I give Rob my highest recommendation for his keen talent, dedication, and perseverance. If I had the headcount, Rob would be the first person I would try to hire, he is a great talent.

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Manager, WebSphere App'l Server SVT

To Whom It May Concern:

Robert G. Kainz worked as a subcontractor for Northrop Grumman Information Technology March 19, 2001 through December 7, 2001 as a senior programmer. I am writing this letter to confirm that his recent layoff at Northrop Grumman IT was not in any way related to his performance, and to highly recommend him as an employee with your organization.

Had I been given the choice, Rob would still be a very valuable member of my team. His layoff, however, was not my decision to make. Northrop Grumman IT and its client base decided to eliminate major software development projects. As a result, I was forced to dissolve entire development teams, and this move left no position for him to move into. Should conditions at Northrop Grumman IT change, I would contact him immediately to hire him back.

Rob is a conscientious and highly skilled software engineer, worthy of at least a team leadership role. He is a very innovative technical design lead, very talented programmer and highly proficient in C/C++, Java, VB, PL/SQL and XML. He was the lead developer for a project known as ATLAS, an application that gives the Postal Service and its customers the ability to track packages more closely like its competitors currently do. The system he designed was fault-tolerant, scaleable, easily maintained and easily upgraded. He has demonstrated considerable skill in working with other technologies in the Windows NT/2000 and Linux environments and in programming for client-server, n-tiered and web-based infrastructures. He has also demonstrated expertise with Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.

Rob truly is an outstanding lead developer who has a knack for breaking down complex systems into simple, manageable, object-oriented programming tasks that he would either implement himself or assign to others on his team. Rob did a superb job coordinating his team's efforts, leading them to a successful implementation of the ATLAS project in a short amount of time. Rob's leadership abilities, personable nature and Java mentoring were instrumental to the success of the project.

If you have a need for an innovative, proven, technical leader with the aforementioned skills, I cannot imagine a better choice than Rob Kainz. I am truly sorry to be letting Rob go, and hope you will give him your highest consideration. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at [[PHONE DELETED - E-mail me for author's contact info.]]


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Account Manager
Northrop Grumman Information Technology

November 26, 2001

Rob worked under my direction as a senior software application developer from March 19, 2001, until November 26, 2001. His responsibilities included requirements analysis, software design, database analysis, development, hardware/software/OS integration, testing, documentation, and developer training. During the course of his employment, Rob proved himself to be a dedicated employee, an extremely hard worker, and a talented and versatile software engineer.

Rob was the lead developer for the project I managed. This project was a research and development effort to enable the USPS to uniquely identify and track trays and sacks of mail throughout the distribution process using barcode printing and scanning technology. Rob was instrumental in our project's deployment of distributed printing and scanning workstations to be operated by mail handlers on the workroom floor. He also played a crucial role in designing and developing the back end database/application server that coordinated the activities of the various workstations. Finally, he almost single-handedly designed and devloped an embedded system to monitor serial communications between a USPS point-of-sale terminal and a postage printer that would, under certain circumstances, print an additional unique barcode label to enable unique package identification.

During his employment, he exhibited a high level of proficiency in the following languages: JAVA, C/C++, PL/SQL, and VB. He has shown expertise with Oracle and a few open-source SQL relational database management systems. Although he prefers to work with Linux (both as a developer and a system administrator), Rob is clearly skilled in developing under and administering Windows NT and 2000 servers and workstations. He has experience with XML and n-tier programming. He is equally adept at writing server-side processes (NT processes, UNIX daemons) as he is with developing user interfaces (JAVA Swing, VB, MFC). Rob has a penchant for designing systems that are scaleable, maintainable, and can easily be enhanced and upgraded. In fact, about the only weakness I see in Rob is that he often expends a bit too much effort in building quality into the code he writes.

Overall, Rob is a very conscientous and able employee. Rob brought a good deal of experience working on large development teams to our project, and that ability to keep our team coordinated was a big help. Our team was able to work very well together and Rob's easy-going nature and sincere kindness played a key role in that dynamic. I am sad that the economic situtation affecting the Postal Service has led to his departure. I strongly recommend Rob for any lead development/design position for which he applies.

Should you have any further questions regarding Rob, please let me know. I can be reached at work or home.


Project Manager (Computer Systems Analyst/Senior Programmer)
United States Postal Service